July 20, 2018
6 months and 1 Day left
until our celebration.

We are still trying to get as many family members as possible to complete "RSVP" form.  ALL FAMILY MEMBERS need to complete this form if they are coming, if they are not sure of coming, or if they are not coming to the reunion.  So, if you have not completed this form please do so now.  Completing it gives the Planning Committee an opportunity to create a Blaylock Directory that can be used as future reference for Blaylock Family activities. 

You can click on the "Who's Coming" tab to look at the list of attendees who are coming.  If there are family members names missing that you are aware of, please contact them and encourage them to complete "RSVP" form.  If they do not have internet access, contact Debra Blaylock-Hill (contact info below).  So, even if you are not coming or uncertain if you will be able to attend, the "RSVP" form needs to be completed.  It will only take a couple of minutes.

Once you have completed the "RSVP" form and YOU ARE ATTENDING THE REUNION, then click on this link and take the 2 minute survey for reunion activities. If you have already completed RSVP form and survey do not do it again.


If you have any questions please contact:
Jimmy Blaylock at jimblaylock5@aol.com, or
Debra Blaylock-Hill at debrablaylockhill@yahoo.com.
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